Shree Hanuman

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Descriotion-: When Lord Ram had return back after a 14 years long long exile, he was crowned as the king of Ayodhya. Ram wanted to thank every monkey, every bear and every soldier of his army. He started giving them presents and gifts. Meanwhile, Goddess Sita pondered. Hanuman had the ability of taking her away from Lanka when he first met her in the Ashok-Vatika. But he didn’t. He had no obligation to work for Ram. She was obliged to Ram as his wife, Lakshamana as his brother. Sugriva was obliged to Ram as a friend. Vibhishana was obliged to Ram as his savior.

But only Hanuman did everything out of affection for Ram. He was devoted to Ram with selfless love. She decided to give this great monkey, whose mind was evolved the level of gods, a gift. and so she gifted her neckless of pearls to Hanuman.

As soon as he received it, he started viewing the neckless at strange angles. When not satisfied, he unstrung the pearl. The royal court busted into gossips. Someone said ” A monkey will remain a monkey.” Others mocked. “That monkey is insulting Queen Sita’s gift.”

Hanuman, when asked by Vibhishana that what he was upto, revealed “I am searching for Siya-Ram in these pearls. But they’re not here. Hence these pearls are unworthy.”

Vibhishana tried to outshine Hanuman and said “What about you? Do you have our Lord inside yourself? Or are you even unworthy?”

Hanuman smiled and in response, tore open his chest with his nails. Blood started oozing out as the flesh tore away as if curtain opening on any stage. And then, bright bolt of light glistened the vicinity. Everyone saw an incredible sight. There, in Hanuman’s heart, sat Siya-Ram ,smiling. Everyone was dumbstruck. “it’s time when you invoke them in your souls too” remarked Hanuman. Vibhishana shocked and felt guilty for disrespecting the wisdom of this great monkey. Everyone joined their hands and saluted Hanuman. No one had the guts tear up their flesh and see what lied in their hearts. Ram and Sita rushed towards Hanuman to comfort him. Ram embraced him and whispered ” That’s why you are closest to me, my brother.”


Medium-: Acrylic on handmade paper

Size-: 56cm X 38cm


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