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Being born out of Goddess Mother Earth, she’s is the warrior “Dharti putri” an adopted daughter of King Janaka of Mithila and his wife Queen Sunaina.

Hence, Sita is no different in her Godly and spiritual strengths and wisdom. Sita is the real Hero of Ramayana; her journey of unjust challenges proves she’s an undenied “Hero.”

She chose to go on 14 years of  Vanavas with her husband Ram who was denied overnight of the Samrajya, King Ram was not given the right over the Kingdom. Sita the warrior, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Ram and his brother Lakshman, being the Daughter of king Janaka, she took up the hardships of the Jungle life for 14 long years and till she asked Mother Earth to consume her.

Sita for me true Warrior, Gurukul teacher, Saint who being a single mother gave birth to her twin sons Luv and Kush, made them spiritually enlightened and sharp intellectual warriors who then defeated great kings including their own father Ram, whom Sita never made them aware off.

Sita an epitome of high Self Respect and esteem, She is my only ‘HERO’ there can never be any other hero of Ramayan. Lord Ram asked her to come back to the kingdom as his queen again, but she said “I will never put down my self respect, rather I will go back to my Mother Earth”;and she asked her Mother Earth to consume her back, but she never gave up her self Worth.

“Jai Sita Mata Ki”


Size- 56cm x 38cm

Medium- Acrylic on handmade paper


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